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Sokola Rimba, book of this month

Finally , I bought this book


Sokola Rimba, I bought using my ERP voucher


So, before I write about the book, I will like to thank you to all my team who gave me that voucher, I am waiting for the next voucher ya team 🙂

Oke, let’s talk about the book, oya for your information , actually this book have a new design cover with the picture of prisilia nasution as the cast of butet manurung on the movie with the same title , yes, this book adopted to movie , but to be honest I prefer the original book cover 🙂 so I chose the old one.

This book written like a journal, dan memang berasal dari jurnal butet manurung saat di hutan bukit dua belas jambi, reading this book like read a diary i think,

I can imagine every single step when she entering the jungle, yes, like the title , this book tell about Butet Manurung when she live in the jungle bukit dua belas jambi, as a fasilitator of education in NGO.

Tadinya, when I first know about Butet, I think she enter the jungle and become a teacher karena pecinta alam, masuk hutan and then stay there, tapi ternyata hidup tidak seideal itu,